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On being a mother, series of drawings, 2021


In the first few months after the birth of my daughter in February 2021, I reduced my artistic practice mainly to drawing. However, it became a constant with which I reflected extensively and profoundly on this unique and intense stage of my life. The few hours, rather minutes, of daily drawing became my very personal time of rest and concentration on myself. Feelings, perceptions, needs, situations of everyday life - I just start drawing, quickly, while the child is still sleeping; see what's going on inside me - make me aware, show me what's on my mind. In terms of content and practice, the boundaries between diary and drawing, diary and art merge - which is why I basically count my diary writing as part of my artistic practice.

An infinitely valuable time for me and an incredibly satisfying, insightful practice that delighted, amused, surprised, amazed and confirmed me.